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LCAHL Scoresheets

LCAHL Scoresheets

Section 13: LCAHL Scoresheets

LCAHL provides to all teams Approved League Scoresheets to be used for all Regular Season Games.

  • 13.3. An approved LCAHL scoresheet should be used to document the game and shall be kept in accordance with USA Hockey and MAHA requirements. Scoresheets should include the home team, visiting team, arena, date, time, player names and numbers, players that did not participate, player and coach suspensions, signatures of all coaches on both benches, curfew information if applicable, period lengths, the period and time of all goals and penalties, referee information, and any other information that may affect the game.
  • 13.4. After the game has been played, the home team is responsible for:
  • --13.4.1. Verifying all information and distributing the scoresheet.
  • --13.4.2. Retaining the original or top copy of the scoresheet and being prepared to submit the scoresheet to its Division Director if so requested.
  • 13.5. After the game has been played the visiting team must verify that all information is correct.

Sample LCAHL Scoresheet Correctly Completed

It is imperative that teams take the time before and after the game to properly complete their Game Scoresheet. Both theHome and Visiting Team are responsible for the Game Scoresheet being proper, accurate and complete!

LCAHL cannot easily adjudicate Game Protests without a proper, accurate and complete LCAHL Scoresheet of the game in dispute. This is also true for USAH/MAHA when it comes to credentials verification, etc.

The LCAHL Scoresheet Example, below, highlights important data fields which require accurate data entry. No data field should be left blank! If you have questions about LCAHL Scoresheets, please contact your Division Director.