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In order for every team to play in the LCAHL, they must be registered with USA Hockey thru your local USA/MAHA Registrar.

[NOTEIllinoisOhio and Indiana teams and associations have their own set of required forms. We hope to have something about that on this website eventually. -- Ed.]

All these Forms and Credentials are then submitted to your Local MAHA District Registrar in order to Roster your Team with USA Hockey.

Incidentally, if your team wishes to participate in the MAHA State Tournaments, all of these documents (plus, additionally, All Game Scoresheets -- NOT just LCAHL -- All Scoresheets) will need to be re-submitted prior to Districts during your District Credentials Review process.

MAHA can be picky when it comes to Forms and CredentialsMAHA requires "faithful" copies of your documents clearly showing all required information. Then, your proper organization of these team documents can help you complete the MAHA Rostering Process without issues.

LCAHL provides Team Managers the Orange 3-Ring Binder to make it easy to organize your documents. Some veteran team managers will collect and file all forms specific to each individual into a plastic page protector, envelope, or something similar, arranged appropriately in the LCAHL Binder. Other managers will file documents by type, alphabetically. Whatever your method, make sure you can find a specific document when your MAHA Registrar calls for it.

So, let's review what documents you need to collect from everyone on or connected with your team in order to Roster the Team. Links to the various Forms or Credentials needed are provided, below.

Consent to Treat (Players & Coaches) (36kb)

Code of Conduct (Players & Coaches) (54kb)

Parent Code of Conduct (STAR) (87kb)

MAHA Background Check & Coaching Code of Ethics