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2019-20 Registration

2019-20 Team Registration




League Registration - An Easy Two Step Process: 


(Step 1.) A team representative will log into the SportsEngine link at the bottom of this web page and set up an account or sign in to your existing account.  Once an account is created or accessed, a five minute process of answering questions about your team will start the initial placement of your team into a division of the LCAHL. 

(Step 2.) Once your team has been registered into the league, a  confirmation email will be sent to you within 48-hours confirming your team has been accepted into the league.  

This confirmation email will ask you to share the message to all members on your team.  This message will contain a URL link that will connect them directly onto your team's roster.


Team Registration - WILL BE OPEN BY JULY 20, 2019



SportsEngine 24-Hour Support Team: 


Joe Emery | LCAHL Commissioner  (House, Travel)


Michael Wainwright | LCMGHL Commissioner (Girls)