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    The League fee will remain the same for all teams except Mites.  It is 450/team and can be mailed to 2211 Woodward Ave,  Detroit MI 48201  ATTN: LCAHL.

    Checks should be made out to LCAHL

    If an Association is sending in payment for multiple teams, please include the detail of which teams are being paid.

    Payments are now past due.

    There currently is no credit card option for payment.  

    If something happens to shorten the season we will revisit the topic.



    LC Operations Board






    The first 7 steps apply to both processes.

    1. Go to our website at

    2. Choose the Travel or House dropdown that applies to your team

    3. Select your Age Classification

    4. Click Schedule & Standings

    5. Click STANDINGS under your Age Classification

    6. Scroll down and click on your team 

    7. Click GAME SCHEDULE on your team page



    8. Click the time on the game you need to edit

    9. Click the Gear Icon in the middle on the far right

    10. Select Edit Game Details" from the drop down

    11. Edit the Date, Time and Locations ONLY.

    12. Click Save Details at the Bottom



    8. Click "QS" on the game you want to score

    9. Enter the score for both teams and Mark Game Status as FINAL

    10. Click Save.


    Due to the recent announcement from Governor Whitmer concerning the Covid pandemic, the LCAHL is making the following changes to accommodate as many people as possible. It is our hope that these steps will allow everyone the flexibility and time needed to complete the entire LCAHL Season. Please understand that the LCAHL is not commenting or making any rulings on what is or is not allowed, rather those decisions will be left up to the local authorities and each individual team.


    1. Extend the LCAHL regular season to February 6, 2021 (previously Jan. 24). Do not delete the previously scheduled games from SportsEngine, have your team admin edit the date, time and arena once a reschedule date is agreed upon by both teams.

    2. First round of play offs will begin February 7, 2021 (playoff divisions will be formulated based on standings as of Jan 17).

    3. Playoff Championship weekends will be held the weekends of March 12, March 19 and March 26 based on availability and other scheduling factors (which weekend applies to your age classification will be determined after MAHA releases the State Tournament details)

    4. 3rd annual Gauntlet Spring event held the weekend of April 23rd, 2021


    Please understand that the LCAHL is committed to providing a complete hockey experience for all participants while maintaining safety standards that protect everyone involved. As we all navigate through these unprecedented times, please be mindful that this is a very “FLUID” situation and changes will probably be necessary to meet all the demands. We ask that each of you work together to continue to provide a safe and rewarding hockey experience that we can all be proud of!

    Please visit our website at for updates or if you have any questions not found on the website, please reach out to your respective Division Director or any member of the LCAHL Operations Board (all contact info found on the LCAHL website)