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    The League fee will remain the same for all teams except Mites.  It is 450/team and can be mailed to 2211 Woodward Ave,  Detroit MI 48201  ATTN: LCAHL.

    Checks should be made out to LCAHL

    If an Association is sending in payment for multiple teams, please include the detail of which teams are being paid.

    Payments are now past due.

    There currently is no credit card option for payment.  

    If something happens to shorten the season we will revisit the topic.



    LC Operations Board






    Our Governor once again deferred the start of youth hockey from our previous deadline of January 15 until at least February 1.  Our LC Directors and Operations Board met to devise the best plan to maximize the time we have left in our season.


    REGULAR SEASON – Completion of the regular season as originally mapped out in mid-October is no longer feasible.  Before the season was put on pause in mid-November, teams had completed anywhere from 0 to 5 games.  Picking up the season at this point would result in a regular season with most teams having completed different numbers of regular season games so awarding champions on these facts would become very problematic.


    REGULAR SEASON SPRINT COMBINED WITH PLAYOFF FIRST ROUND – Our plan is to devise a revised compact regular season schedule of 5-7 games to be played from Feb 1 until the Sunday before each division’s championship weekend in mid to late March.  Teams would have approximately 5-7 weeks to complete this schedule.  The top seed in each division will be declared the regular season champion and a designated number of teams will advance to the single elimination portion of the playoffs hosted on neutral sites by the League.  The number of advancing teams in each division will be pre-determined and published at the beginning of the Sprint regular season.  The championship weekends for each division will be determined as soon as MAHA publishes their final State tournament schedule.


    The pros and cons of this plan have been discussed amongst our team and while we recognize that no plan is perfect given the unusual circumstances we have faced this year, we feel this hybrid regular season/playoff combination is an alternative that puts teams on an equal footing for the restart while giving all teams a goal to play for based on the resumption of the season.  


    The groupings for the most part will be Yzerman = Norris playoffs, Howe 1 = Adams, Howe 2 = Campbell, Howe 3 = Patrick and Howe 4 = Smythe.  Our Directors are reviewing the small regular season sample to see if obvious mistakes were made in the original alignment process that can be tweaked for the restart.


    NEXT STEPS – The Directors are formulating these alignments for the restart with the schedule format.  We expect these to be published to the teams on Tuesday Jan 19 or Wed Jan 20.  We will use the rest of the week for communication with the teams with the goal of finalizing the alignments and the schedule (home and away designations) by Sun Jan 24 which would give you a week to start scheduling these new matchups.  There is a very good chance some of your Sprint season matchups will be the same as your original regular season schedule that was scheduled to be played so a portion of the scheduling may be already completed.  Like a normal schedule process, we will provide Google docs for you to enter the details so they can be uploaded as new schedules into Sports Engine.


    COMMUNICATION – The Operations Board also plans to schedule several Microsoft Teams meetings over the next week so that teams can have a forum to ask questions and get more clarification to the plan.


    ADDITIONAL ISSUES – We fully recognize that the Feb 1 restart date is still not a certainty.  If the Governor extends the pause, we will address these new circumstances as the facts become available.  Other factors to be considered will be further clarification from MAHA and USA Hockey on deadlines and what is and what is not allowed.


    We appreciate the patience of all teams as we navigate this very unusual season.


    Operations Board

    Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League



    The first 7 steps apply to both processes.

    1. Go to our website at  Sign in as team admin and make sure EDIT is switched to ON

    2. Choose the Travel or House dropdown that applies to your team

    3. Select your Age Classification

    4. Click Schedule & Standings

    5. Click STANDINGS under your Age Classification

    6. Scroll down and click on your team 

    7. Click GAME SCHEDULE on your team page



    8. Click the time on the game you need to edit

    9. Click the Gear Icon in the middle on the far right

    10. Select Edit Game Details" from the drop down

    11. Edit the Date, Time and Locations ONLY.

    12. Click Save Details at the Bottom



    8. Click "QS" on the game you want to score

    9. Enter the score for both teams and Mark Game Status as FINAL

    10. Click Save.