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LCAHL 2020 - 2021 Team Registration

LCAHL 2020-2021 Team Registration.


The League fee will remain the same for all teams except Mites.  It is 450/team and can be mailed to 2211 Woodward Ave,  Detroit MI 48201  ATTN: LCAHL.

Checks should be made out to LCAHL

If an Association is sending in payment for multiple teams, please include the detail of which teams are being paid.

All payments are due by November 1, 2020.

There currently is no credit card option for payment.  

If something happens to shorten the season we will revisit the topic.



LC Operations Board








All travel teams have their full schedules and should be finalizing all game details.  Google Docs have been provided to all team contacts to enter the date, time and arena of each game so they can be uploaded directly to SportsEngine.  Any game details not completed will become the team's responsibility to enter directly into the system.  Deadline to play regular season games is January 24 with Jan 25-31 reserved for makeup games. Please try not to backload your schedule so we can have maximum flexibility in the need games need to be rescheduled due to a COVID related situation.


We will be setting up the divisions and team sites next week.  Please get all games scheduled and entered into the Google doc.


House divisions will be formulated and communicated by Oct 24. We will follow the same process of travel of providing a Google doc to enter game data.


The first half schedule has been communicated to teams and we will be opening league play this Saturday October 17.  The details of the rest of the schedule will be communicated by October 25.


We are trying to come up with a couple options to have a virtual coaches/managers sometime next week.  Please look for details.


Binders will be mailed to out State Associations next week and we will set up a final pickup date and location for all Metro Detroit teams.  If you picked up a binder and subsequently dropped out of the league or folded, please return or pass on to another league team without one.

Thanks for choosing LCAHL